Q:  What are the differences between the Satin and 2B finishes?
A:   2B finish is also known as Unpolished Finish.  It is dull and has low reflective    qualities.  2B metals have no grain or direction.  
       Satin Finish is also known as Polished Finish.  This is a general purpose, bright polished finish.  This metal has a pronounced grain and direction to it.
       The aluminum Mill finish is very similar to the 2B finish of stainless steel.  It is low luster, unpolished, and has no direction or grain to it.

Q:  Is there a minimum order requirement?
A:  No, you may order as little or as much product as you need.  We never require a minimum order. CANADIAN CUSTOMERS- PLEASE CALL 1.866.881.4326 TO PLACE AN ORDER BY PHONE.

Q:  Do you do custom work for interior designers and homeowners?
A:  Yes we do!  Please see our sister website,www.stainlessliving.com, for more information.

Q:  Is 48”x48” the largest sheet of metal I can buy?
A:  If you are looking for metal sheets 48"e;x48"e; or larger, please call us for a custom quote!!

Q:  Is 72” the longest piece of tubing I can buy?
A:  Yes, this is the longest length we currently have available.

Q:  Do you have a corporate website?
A:  Yes we do- please visitwww.rigidized.comto find out more about our company and product lines.

Q:  Is your stainless steel magnetic?
A:  No, it is not.  We sell high quality, 304 stainless steel products.  304 stainless steel has no magnetic qualities.


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