Features and Benefits

Features & Benefits
Rigidized® patterns are produced by texturing or "e;Rigidizing"e; all ferrous and non-ferrous metals in both sheet and coil product. In this process, metal is distributed above and below a neutral axis, thereby increasing strength in all directions.

Damage resistance and live cycle cost benefits
Rigidized® deep textured metals resist dents and scratches and are a deterrent to vandalism resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

Optical flatness
Textures diffuse light patterns to produce an optical flatness to sheet metals, thereby eliminating the unwanted "e;wavy"e; effect known as oil-canning.

Low friction surfaces
Pattern surfaces have reduced contact area resulting in the reduction of friction problems common in process machinery.

Weight savings
Rigidized® Metals are up to 75% stronger than ordinary sheet metal. This allows for down-gauging which results in less raw material consumption - thus saving money and precious environmental resources.

Reflective surfaces
Patterns control reflections and dissipate light for lighting and architectural applications.

Texture Metals

Test sample illustrating the scratch resistant properties of Rigidized® textured metals compared to ordinary polished metals.
Texture Metals:

  • Defy dents
  • Resist scratches
  • Reduce oil canning
  • Reduce weight
  • Control reflections
  • Save money



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